Howard Stern Criticizes King Charles III’s Coronation, Calls Him a “P—y


Prominent American radio personality, Howard Stern, has voiced his strong disapproval of the recent coronation of King Charles III.

During the latest episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday, Stern openly referred to the English monarch using derogatory language, calling him a “p—y.”

Expressing his views, Stern stated, “England’s gotta get a grip on themselves. I understand, maybe it brings in tourism, but Jesus H. Christ. First of all, Prince Charles is a p—y. That’s No. 1—and people are acting like—the whole ceremony they’re acting like that f–king guy went to war or something, and then beat up all the other people.”

Robin Quivers, Stern’s sidekick, chimed in, adding, “Did something great besides being born.”

Stern continued his criticism, stating, “Yeah. But you know, they’re like, ‘We swear our allegiance to you, and you are a great warrior.’ I mean, the whole thing is f–king nuts.”

In addition to his comments on the monarch, Stern expressed his disgust for the ceremony itself, particularly considering England’s ongoing economic struggles.

“It was disgusting. And I’ll tell you why it’s disgusting. I mean, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to say this, but, you know, England’s having its own economic problems, and they spent a fortune on that coronation. And it’s just repugnant to watch a country who’s suffering through economic problems…and then you see the pomp and circumstance,” Stern argued.

While acknowledging the significance of the monarchy in terms of tourism and the cultural appeal it provides to the country, Stern concluded, “It’s part of the tourism. I get all that. I’m not naive, but it just sends the wrong message.”