Ignorance, Lack Of Proper Orientation Causing Challenges In Ghana’s Movie Industry – Filmmaker


Veteran Ghanaian filmmaker Socrate Safo has pointed out that ignorance and a lack of proper orientation are the major contributors to the challenges facing Ghana’s movie industry.

Speaking on Accra-based radio, 3FM, Safo said there is an urgent need for comprehensive education and professional development within the sector.

He expressed concern over the current state of the industry, adding that many individuals entering the movie business lack a thorough understanding of its dynamics, which hampers their ability to navigate and thrive in the competitive landscape.

“One of the biggest issues we face is ignorance,” Safo stated. “Many of our filmmakers and industry players do not have the necessary knowledge about the business side of filmmaking. This lack of understanding has affected everything.

“We didn’t understand the industry; most of us came in without proper orientation. We didn’t receive the orientation about the industry; we entered out of passion.

“You had the talent, but nobody sat you down to give you that orientation. ‘We don’t do this because of ABCD’ You didn’t get that, nobody ever did,” he added.

Safo, however, stressed the importance of proper orientation for new entrants to the industry.

He called for structured training programs that cover various aspects of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, production, marketing, and distribution. According to him, such programs would equip industry players with the skills needed to produce high-quality films that can compete on the global stage.