Kaffy: I disagree with sacking of pastors


Nigerian dancer and choreographer,  Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, known as Kaffy, has said she disagrees with sacking of pastors as a way to expand Church growth.

Reports had it earlier that over pastors of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCWW) were fired for not meeting certain growth benchmarks.

In his reaction to the controversies that trailed the reports, David Oyedepo, founder of the LFCWW, had ascertain the action while describing the ex-pastors as “blatant failures”.

Oyedepo’s comment had also sparked mixed reactions on social media platforms.

Kaffy who took to Instagram on Thursday to speak about churches, expansion bids, and Christendom in general.

She said:

“As much as I respect the expansion of church outreaches, I disagree with this approach of sacking pastors. Human behavior isn’t one you can put a timeline to how receptive or not they can be towards a lifestyle change,”

“To hear this makes me question how the pastors were ordained in the first place. Sacking them is like giving up on both the pastors themselves and mission. Even the pastors are not without weaknesses.

“Maybe they needed to revamp; training like human behavioral sciences, therapy courses, emotional intelligence courses. I think it should be more about the quality of life improved by the Christian doctrine than number of souls.

“As we were taught that heaven rejoices over the winning of one soul like it’s a million. I don’t think you have won a soul just by someone walking in, declaring born again, and going back to sin.

“[I] might not even come back to the church or attends for the sake of ‘I Dey go church’. If the branches are too much why not scale down and remodel.”