Anthony Joshua reveals criminal record keeps catching up with him as he urges young people to shun crime life


Anthony Joshua has taken to SnapChat to advice the youths to shun a life of crime because it ends up catching up with them in the future.

The professional boxer explained that his past criminal record keeps coming back to haunt him now.

He said that every time he enters the USA, he is pulled over and questioned because of his record.

He said: “A message to the youth, when I was younger…. used to get in trouble. I’m telling you, it catches up with you.

“You can’t run away from your past.

“Every time I step into the USA they pull me into the US customs and border protection.

“Luckily, certain things with my criminal record aren’t too severe and they don’t stop me from actually entering. But every time I enter the USA, they pull me over for questioning and it’s tedious and time-consuming.”