Crossdressers, Bobrisky, James Brown ‘clash’ at an event in Lagos


Crossdressers, Bobrisky and James Brown, clashed at a child’s birthday party in Lagos.

The event was ongoing when James and Instagram influencer, Papaya Ex, arrived at the venue dressed in traditional outfits.

However, James and Papaya appear to have a common enemy, Bobrisky, having decided to have a cultural dance and danced all the way toward the area where Bobrisky was seated.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky who was Irritated by their action, stood up and angrily asked them to leave the area. A defiant James ignored Bobrisky and went on to kneel and greet him. Bobrisky would have none of that as he angrily asked James to leave.

James smiled, adjusted his hair and walked away.

Posting a video of their clash on his IG page, James wrote;

”I needed to greet our Ex Queen a good fare well because I’m now the new Queen of Africa”