Nigeria gunmen kill dozens in rural village in Benue State


Dozens of people have been killed in Nigeria after gunmen stormed a rural village and opened fire on residents.

At least 51 people died in the attack in the village of Umogidi in Benue State, and people there were searching for more bodies on Friday.

The motivation behind the attack is unclear, but clashes are common between nomadic herders and settled farmers.

Farmers accuse herders of destroying their crops, while the herders accuse farmers of attacking their animals.

A number of people are still reported to be missing following Wednesday’s attack.

The armed gang reportedly began the attack in the village market. Residents said many people ran into the bush to hide but were gunned down.

Bako Eje, a local government official, told the AFP news agency that the gunmen attacked while people were mourning three others who had been killed a day earlier.

He said his own son had been killed in the attack.

The region has been one of the hardest hit by clashes between farmers and herders.

Although security forces have been deployed to the region, their presence has not stopped the deadly clashes.