Suicide Cases triple in Bulawayo


The rate of people attempting suicide has almost reportedly tripled in Bulawayo when compared to 2021.

It was gathered that most residents are doing a bad job at coping with stress, which results in suicide.

According to report from Mpilo Central Hospital, 58 people have been admitted after suicide attempts since January 2022.

It revealed that most of those that attempted to take their lives were aged between 15 and 30 years, stating that more men are committing suicide compared to women and medical experts revealed that men use more dangerous objects compared to women.

While speaking with the public relations officer of Mpilo Central Hospital, Sister Norma Mabhena said some of the people come back after second or third suicide attempts.

“From January we have admitted 58 patients who attempted suicide. This excludes the number of people who died after being rushed to the hospital,” she said.

“These cases are also reported to the police and we render clinical services to save lives. We then offer counselling to the patient and their families to establish if there are any issues driving suicidal thoughts. The social workers also engage the affected families to try and establish what could have triggered the suicide,” she explained

Ingutsheni clinical director, Dr Wellington Ranga who is also a renowned psychiatrist, said the most commonly used suicide substances are pesticides but of late victims have been overdosing medication as well.

He stated:
“The problem is rooted in the fact that we are quick to teach our children Mathematics preparing them for the world but no one cares to explain how they should cope with loss of loved ones, failed relationships or financial challenges. As they become adults, they struggle to deal with challenges and often become depressed which explains the high rates we have.”

He added:
“I do not think these issues need any policy but as individuals we should be comfortable to talk about these issues because no policy will reduce these suicide cases.

“The fact on the ground is more women attempt suicide but they do not succeed as they use tablets or objects which are not as deadly compared to men. We need to teach men how to handle job losses, catching one’s wife cheating and saving lives.”