Govt trying hard to break deadlock between millers, retailers – Oguna


KISUMU, Kenya, Aug 5 – The government has assured Kenyans that there will be enough unga on the shelves in the coming days.

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna says the government is trying hard to break a deadlock between the millers and retailers.

Oguna says the millers have come up with new conditions which are not palatable for some retailers causing shortage in a number of stores.

“This new directive has seen some retailers not purchasing unga from the millers while others are purchasing,” he said.

He says there is enough unga for Kenyans but some retailers are not stocking due to the new conditions.

Oguna who spoke to the press in Kisumu on Friday says the millers are demanding immediate payments while retailers want the credit system.

He says the government has initiated talks between the millers and retailers to strike a common ground to allow Kenyans to access unga in the stores.

Oguna noted that the government will push to have two or three days offered to the retailers to pay up to address the artificial shortage which has been created.

“The retailers were used to the one month period to re-pay and feel the immediate payment is harsh and want it re-looked into,” he said.

He says that in the next few days, the stalemate shall have been addressed and unga will be in surplus retailing at the government subsidized prices.

Source: capitalfm