Planning: Moroccan-Burkinabe Talks on Ways to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation


The meeting, which took place in the presence of the Ambassador of Burkina Faso to Morocco, Zakalia Kote, was an opportunity to discuss the prospects for cooperation between the two countries, particularly in planning, economic analysis and statistics, areas so important for economic development, especially in Africa.

Particular interest was also given during this meeting to innovative tools of socio-economic analysis as well as approaches to monitoring and evaluation of development agendas, notably the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speaking on this occasion, Lahlimi said that in the context of a globalized economy, which requires permanent readjustments, planning remains “a must”, stressing the importance of sharing and exchange in this area between African countries to better serve public policy.

For his part, Kobyagda, who was accompanied by a delegation of senior officials from the Directorate General of Economy and Planning (DGEP), said that the HCP is an institution that plays a key role, thanks in particular to its independence and its technical qualities, to keep the course of development despite the existing challenges.


The High Commissioner for Planning (HCP), Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, held, Thursday in Rabat, talks with Director General of Economy and Planning at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Forecasting of Burkina Faso, Larba Issa Kobyagda, on ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of planning and macroeconomic studies.

28 July 2022