Enoch Mgijima fire didn’t burn files related to dodgy R15 million stadium – municipality


The Enoch Mgijima Local municipality in the Eastern Cape has confirmed that the Art Gallery building in Komani burned down on Monday evening and that an investigation is underway.

Municipality not on fire

No municipal documents damaged

As per a statement released by the municipality on Tuesday, the cause of the fire is not yet known at this stage of the investigation.

In addition, the building was unoccupied while the municipality was “in negotiations with potential occupants in both the public and private sector”.

“There were no files or any assets kept in the building as it was never used for municipal administration since the amalgamation of Tsolwana, Inkwana and Lukhanji municipalities in 2016.”

Link to R15 million stadium?

Netizens expressed concern on social media, saying the ANC had burned the building to “destroy evidence” related to the R15 million Lesseyton Sports Facility.

Another said: “The Enoch Mgijima building was on fire last night. I hope they aren’t destroying evidence of the R15 million [stadium].”

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Source: citizen