South Africa’s Democratic Alliance Party Suspends Newly Appointed MP Over Racist Language Video


After being sworn in as a member of parliament, South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance Party (DA) has suspended one of its controversial politicians, Renaldo Gouws over a racist language video that has been trending on social media.

His suspension comes after videos he made about 15 years ago, in which he is seen spewing racist language against black people, resurfaced online.

Initially, one of the videos was suspected of being fake, but the DA issued a statement on Thursday saying it had established it was genuine.

The party said his comments did not reflect what it as an organisation stands for and that Gouws will face disciplinary charges before its federal legal commission.

South Africa’s Human Rights Commission has also said it will be taking legal action against him in the Equality Court.

The controversy comes as the DA joined the African National Congress in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s newly formed government of national unity.