Djokovic Denied Entry Into Australia Due To Visa Issue


Novak Djokovic went to great lengths to change his visa in order to enter Australia so he can defend his 2021 Australian Open title, but the world’s No.1 men’s tennis player is currently being denied access into the country because he doesn’t have a proper visa.

Djokovic, 34, is reportedly being held at the Australian border because he has the wrong visa for someone with a medical exemption. From the looks of things, Australia isn’t going to bend over backward to let him waltz in.

The apparent visa “mix-up” comes on the heels of a public outcry over Djokovic refusing to clarify whether or not he is vaccinated against COVID-19 and receiving a health exemption for it.

Given Australia’s strict regulations about entering the country in the wake of many COVID outbreaks, many view Djokovic’s ambiguity about the exemption — mixed with his previous open skepticism of COVID-19 vaccines — as an excuse to skirt the rules.