FIBA Verdict: Nigeria Basketball Star To Play For Senegalese Club


After a range of disputes, the Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) Legal Commission has ruled on the long-standing dispute between a Senegalese club and its Rwandan counterpart where Nigeria’s Emmanuel Umeadi played.

Received by the Dakar University Club Basketball, Umeadi was unable to join his club due to a lack of an exit letter from the Rwandan Basketball Federation where he played with the Generation Club de Rwanda.

Due to a lack of payment and security reasons, Umeadi terminated his contract unilaterally after 5 matches.

Thus, a dispute procedure has been opened by FIBA since April 16th, after the investigation which allowed the body to have all the documents and evidence of the parties, the legal commission on Wednesday afternoon delivered its verdict.

” In this regard, such violation of the contract gave the player the right to terminate the contract for cause, which was done tacitly by leaving the club and requesting a letter of exit from the SBF.

Based on the elements of the file and considering that an exit letter cannot be delayed or refused due to a monetary dispute between a club and a player.

The exit letter will be issued and the player will now be able to register with a club in Senegal”, the statement confirmed