Laporta doesn’t think Messi’s days with FC Barcelona are over: “I owe him one.”


In some way, Lionel Messi also played in El Clasico in Las Vegas on Saturday, not only due to the countless No. 10 jerseys found around Allegiant Stadium, but because Joan Laporta had some kind words for him.

The Barcelona president, who had a reunion with Real Madrid and Juventus to discuss the Superleague, spoke to ESPN regarding Messi.

“I don’t believe Messi’s chapter at Barcelona is over,” Laporta said. “And I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that chapter is still open, that it hasn’t closed.

“To have a moment to do it how it should have been done so that he may have a much more splendid ending than what he had.”

PSG wants to resign Messi
Laporta confessed to feeling uneasy about the way Messi left the club.

“If I feel like I owe him one? Yes,” Laporta said. “Morally, as the president of Barcelona, I think I did what needed to be done. But also as Barcelona’s president, and personally, I believe I owe him one.”

One year after the Argentine striker left Camp Nou, the club and its fans are still feeling the impact of his loss.

Messi, meanwhile, knows that PSG intend to offer him a contract extension.