New Man Utd Star Move To Pogba’s £2.9m Mansion


Antony has revealed that he has moved into Paul Pogba’s old £2.9m mansion after joining Manchester United this summer.

Pogba’s time with the Red Devils came to an end this year with the expiration of his contract, and the French star joined Juventus.
Meanwhile, the Brazilian 22-year-old Antony joined the club late in the transfer window for £85.5m from Ajax.

However, it seems there was a crossover in their paths after all – because Antony is living in Pogba’s old five-bedroom mansion, about 30 minutes from Manchester city centre.

The residence is complete with an eye-catching set of diamond encrusted stairs, and a customised pool table on the first floor with the initials ‘PP’ on it.
Antony told ESPN Brasil: ‘I’ll need to change. It was Pogba’s house, there’s the P of his stuff on the table.
‘Now I’m going to start changing, put Antony Santos’ AS.’
Referencing the snooker table, he said: ‘Here I win’, although the pasttime is not a typical experience with the Brazilian national team, which instead bonds over card games.

‘In the last call-up, we played a lot of UNO, I won too’, Antony joked.
About Pogba’s flamboyant staircase, Antony mused: ‘He’s kind of nauseous, right. But I’m happy to be in the house that used to belong to an ace. He’s very nauseous. I liked it a lot.’
Referencing Pogba’s departure, he joked: ‘He’s not here anymore, right?’
Other elements of the house include huge TV screens, and a small garden area with synthetic grass for football practice.