“I am not neutral nor a mediator,” says Sudanese prime minister


October 15, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok Friday stressed that he is neither “neutral nor a mediator”, in the current political strife between the ruling Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition and the military component of the Sovereign Council.

In a speech to the Sudanese, hours before a demonstration calling to dissolve the FFC-led cabinet, Hamdok took the opportunity to explain his soft attitude with “the al-Bashir’s security committee” as his detractors say.

“My position, clearly and firmly, is the full support for the civil democratic transition in order to complete the tasks of the glorious December Revolution and achieve its slogans of freedom, peace and justice,” he said.

Hamdok had been criticized for his consensual approach with the military component who are accused of transgressing the political charter and the Constitutional Document several times.

Sudanese welcomed his rejection of al-Burhan’s demand to dissolve the cabinet and freeze the Empowerment Removal Committee.

The prime minister said that “The essence of this crisis is the inability to agree on a national project (…) to achieve the goals of the glorious December revolution and the hopes of our people for freedom, peace and justice”.

“Therefore, I kept saying that the conflict is not between civilians and the military, but rather between the camp of the democratic civil transition and the camp of overthrowing the revolution,” he stressed.

A dissident FFC faction led by Minni Minnawi plans to stage a demonstration calling to dissolve the Hamdok cabinet saying few political groups have confiscated power.

The organizers are accused of coordinating with the military component. Also, the supporters of the former regime released calls on social media to join the protests against the Hamdok government.

Hamdok’s roadmap

The prime minister proposed a 10-points platform to implement the goals of the revolution. He called for a de-escalation between the two sides and to engage in a serious dialogue on the issues that divide the FFC.

He underlined that dismantling the grip of the former regime on the Sudanese state is a “constitutional obligation”.

“Therefore, it is a goal that should not be undone, but (we) can review the ways and means of work, ensuring the right to appeal and achieving justice,” he said.

In response to those who call to replace the current government with another one, Hamdok called to end frictions between the FFC groups and broadening the base of the transitional government with more components.

Hamdok’s speech was welcomed by the public. Many said he appeared for the first time as the government’s leader.

The prime minister recalled his initiative “The way forward” to deal with the political crisis and emphasized that it would “immunize the transition”.


Source: sudantribune